Brand for Everyday People

Civic Duty is more than just a brand. It is a movement that aims to inspire others. In 2009, I lost my job due to the massive economic downturn. Like many Americans, I was concerned about my prospects for a new job when so many were unemployed. I was infuriated watching the Government bail out big corporations who were largely responsible for creating our country's bleak economic climate while everyday folk were left to fend for themselves. My frustration soon became my motivation to start a company that cares. I am determined to prove that we can be successful and still be socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible. And so, Civic Duty was born to bring people together through fashion that is fresh, innovative and with a conscience.

My inspiration for our Civic Duty fashion launch came several years ago. I was working with a brand that created a travel sneaker packaged in a Tyvek® bag. I remember how blown away I was at the properties of the material. It took over a year to develop, but I came up with the perfect formula for a sensational sneaker made with Tyvek® that is recyclable and stylish. It is an exciting journey and your overwhelming response is incredible and gratifying.

It is my greatest pleasure to bring you the first Civic Duty collection of shoes offering five timeless and classic styles in fun and vibrant colors. In addition, each year an exclusive shoe will be uniquely designed with 100% of the profits donated to a social cause benefiting those in the United States. Join us and Conspire to Inspire!


Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont or its affiliates.